With an eye to green development

Date: 27/02/2015 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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More and more people begin to realize an aspirational life comes at the cost of ecological degradation on Earth, the eternal home to billions of humans.

Global efforts are being made to stop the process and ensure a sound and preserved ecology and its sustainable development.

In keeping with this trend, the Korea Green Fund was established on October 30 2014.

The fund aims to promote local green development financially and materially to contribute to ensuring a sustainable and stable economic development, providing a better ecological and living environment and seeking opportunities.

It also works to stimulate the efforts to make the most of solar, wind and other natural power, put architecture and food production on a green basis, transform industries into energy-saving and technology-intensive ones and adopt eco-friendly farming techniques and green economic activities.

It is engaged in training technical personnel and raising the awareness of green consumption among the consumers.

It is committed to the principle of scientific accuracy, objectivity and fairness in fund raising in line with its mission and ideal. And it is indiscrimi-nate with donors’ nationality, race and political and religious beliefs. Any kind of donation is welcome.

Fund resources are donations from local individuals, institutions and enterprises and their realty, as well as those of overseas Koreans, foreigners and NGOs. The fund hopes to work together with foreign counterparts, NGOs and individuals around the world in pursuit of sustainable development of the global village and rosy future of coming generations.

Its activities are tran-sparent as they are made known through annual reports and on its website. Generous donors are appreciated and treated preferentially with tour of local scenic attractions and other hospitable services.

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