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Date: 28/12/2016 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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With the president suspended after the impeachment bill was passed, the south Korean authorities are now trying to prove themselves in the current political crisis.
As if he forgot he is acting president, prime minister Hwan Kyo An plays like the president, only to come under strong criticism of the opposition parties. Recently, he toughened his stand on controversial diplomatic policies, like the deployment of THAAD and the south Korea-Japan agreement on the issue of sexual slavery for the Japanese army.
Foreign minister Yun Pyong Se, unification minister Hong Yong Phyo and other conservatives are also bent on enforcing “independent sanctions” and intensifying human rights racket against the DPRK, arguing for maintaining the “existing DPRK and foreign policies” and “responding to the north’s nuclear programme through close cooperation with the international community”.
Meanwhile, the defence ministry bought German air-to-ground missile Taurus aimed at “precision strike on Pyongyang” after bringing in the US nuclear-powered submarine on the pretext of “security crisis”. On December 11 it announced that it would finish the THAAD deployment, which will escalate tension in the region as a whole, till May 2017.
Facts show they, who quailed in the beginning of anti-Park Geun Hye protest actions, have suddenly changed their attitude.
They seem to intent to show that they have nothing to do with embattled Park Geun Hye by pretending to immerse themselves in their own business, irrespective of her impeachment, and at the same time to find a way out by doing something to satisfy their US master.
The New York Times recently commented that the current south Korean political turmoil should be viewed in terms of its institutional corruption. It is absurd for the south Korean authorities, who live in society where corruption has been rampant and even institutionalized, to try to differentiate them from Park.
According to a recent media report, senior officials of the US administration and experts in diplomatic and security affairs flew to south Korea to boost the morale of the pro-US conservatives.
The US upset by the possibility of pro-US Park Geun Hye being impeached has come to her aid to maintain its long-groomed conservative regime in south Korea.
The south Korean authorities may calculate that they could stay in power when they are backed by the US, but as the pro-US Park has been sentenced to death by the general public, the strength of the public sentiment overpowers that of the “savior” across the ocean.
The ever-growing massive candlelit protest actions in south Korea demand the overall resignation of the incumbent cabinet.
By Kim Rye Yong PT

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