Joint drill resumption will get situation out of control

Date: 07/03/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The US is getting more wild in its moves to resume joint military exercises soon after the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in south Korea.
Bigwigs of the US departments of State and Defense and the American forces in south Korea have told media that there is no reason not to resume drills and there will never be postponement or discontinuation, adding that the US forces will stage exercises single-handed if the south Korean authorities say they would put them off once again, in a bid to pressurize them.
At present, the international community as well as the Korean people hopes that détente and dialogue atmosphere in the Korean peninsula, which were brought about on the occasion of the Winter Olympics, will be sustained.
The US, however, is openly blustering that the moment the Olympic flame is put out, “thawing between north and south Korea” will end, and insisting it will reopen the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises.
Trump recently ranted that the US would start military invasion of the DPRK if sanctions proved ineffective, which clearly reveals the seriousness and riskiness of the restart of the joint military rehearsals.
Facts show that the US is the instigator of north-south confrontation, the wrecker of peace in the Korean peninsula and the mastermind behind aggression and war.
It will be entirely decided by the resumption of the drills whether the atmosphere of inter-Korean dialogue and rapprochement will continue or the situation will go back to confrontation and tension.
If they are resumed, inter-Korean relations and situation are most likely to get out of control.
Media outlets and experts at home and abroad fear the current situation that has been eased on the occasion of the Olympics may be aggravated again by their resumption, while China, Russia and other neighbouring countries are voicing their objection to the resumption.
By Choe Yong Nam PT

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