Rough action provokes rougher reaction

Date: 09/03/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The US is keen on anti-DPRK sanctions.
On February 23, the US took an additional sanctions measure against 28 ships, 27 shipping companies and an individual, 56 in all, allegedly to check the DPRK’s shipping which it views as a source of money for its nuclear and missile programme. And it also issued a “notice to international shipping” warning that individuals or shipping companies that deal with the DPRK would be targets of US sanctions.
The 9th of its kind after Trump took office, the measure can be claimed to be the most harsh sanctions, which are tantamount to a sea blockade.
Referring to them, the Treasury Secretary, the spokesman for East Asian and Pacific affairs of the State Department and other high-ranking US officials said that the sanctions are aimed at totally isolating north Korea. Even Trump argued that the US has imposed the toughest sanctions on a special state and if they do not work, it will go over to “very rough phase II”.
The US’ additional sanctions are a revelation of its ill intention to mar the DPRK’s image, block the move for inter-Korean rapprochement and save its face by forcing the riffraff to join the anti-DPRK sanctions and pressure campaign.
It has already been clarified that the DPRK regards the campaign as an intolerable infringement on its rights to sovereignty, existence and development and a declaration of war against it.
It is not an empty talk that a strong countermeasure will be taken if the US and its following forces infringe on the DPRK’s sovereignty even a little arguing for a “sea blockade” and “cutting a source of money”.
Trump blusters that if sanctions do not work, the US should go over to rough phase II and that as it is a very rough action, it would make the whole world unhappy. But the Trump administration should be aware that the US’ rough action would meet a rougher one and it would not be the world but the US which would be unhappy.
It is as clear as day that Trump would bring a terrible disaster to the US as he acts rashly without considering what will happen later.

By Han Jong Chol PT

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