Japan Had Better Mind Its Own Plight: KCNA Commentary

Date: 07/05/2018 | Source: KCNA.kp (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- Over the 3rd inter-Korean summit, Japanese Prime Minister Abe recently talked rubbish that Japan would never be excluded from the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and he expects detailed actions for the denuclearization.

His inferiors, conservative media and experts echoed his rubbish, playing down the significance of the north-south summit meeting and talks at Panmunjom and calling for constant pressure on the DPRK.

Now the whole world is viewing the Panmunjom summit as a great event that made a fresh breakthrough for peace and security not only in the Korean peninsula but also in Northeast Asia and other parts of the world and had great impact on the world political trend.

But only Japan is spouting a load of rubbish, being displeased with it. Its ill-behavior, at a time when the atmosphere of reconciliation and peace is being created thanks to the proactive step and sincere efforts of the DPRK, clearly shows the real intention of the political dwarfs seized with anachronistic way of thinking.

Japan should ponder over its behavior and feel ashamed of itself under the present developing situation where a dramatic turn is being made.

Its awful behavior, prompted by its wild ambition for checking the trend of dialogue and peace, only provokes a side-splitting laughter of the world public.

It seems as if Japan tries to show a "hard-line" attitude toward the DPRK. However, this is no more than a stupid last-ditch effort to give a face-lift to its lost image after being excluded from the settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula.

Actually, "passing Japan" has become a hot topic of the public across the world.

Experts and analysts are commenting that Japan's loud voice reflects its complicated thought of being marginalized in the settlement of the dialogue-centered issue of the Korean peninsula, adding that Japan told others not to believe north Korea but it could not stem the trend.

Such opinion that it is very pitiful to see Japan left alone despite the rapidly changing situation in Northeast Asia is prevailing in Japan.

"Passing Japan" was caused by Japan itself. The authorities of Japan, who dislike being behind others in the calculation of interests, had better face up to the present situation, though belatedly.

They are resorting to sleight of hand and flattering to get an opportunity for setting their feet on the land of Pyongyang. They should bear in mind that they can never do so if they persist in ill-minded behavior.

It seems that what is urgent for Abe is to allay his concern about his political destiny at stake.

The rate of supporting the Abe Cabinet dropped into 26.7 percent for being involved in high-profile graft revealed one after another but the number of those saying no to it is increasing. Many Japanese are taking to street in protest against Abe who was branded as "mastermind of scandals" and "liar."

Japan had better mind its own plight, instead of going against the trend of times. -0-

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