Infamous ex-politician attempts comeback

Date: 06/12/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Hong Jun Phyo is notorious for having many bad names.

He is known as the top political profiteer, boss of thieves, worst lecher and Don Quixote.

He is also called a hysteric, nasty piece of work and vulgar words maker by the south Korean people as he branded the strenuous inter-Korean efforts for national reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity that are recognized and supported by the whole world as a “camouflaged peace offensive” and “disturbance of the leftists”.

He was ousted from the post of the representative of the Liberal Korea Party for the party’s defeat in the local autonomous elections in June. But he recently revealed his intention to return to politics, only to stir up a hornet’s nest within the beleaguered LKP.

Parliamentarian Jong U Thaek and other pro-Park elements in the party are resolutely opposed to Hong’s comeback, saying he caused the split of conservatives, he should not be admitted as he is censured for his substandard vulgar remarks and abnormal behaviour and he shamelessly tries to come back to the political arena without atoning for the defeat in the local elections.

The LKP leadership stays aloof from Hong’s bid.

On the other hand, such democratic reformist parties as the Democratic Party, Democratic Peace Party and Justice Party deride him that “We welcome the comeback of LKP’s pest Hong Jun Phyo to politics”, “We hope Hong will surely accomplish the great cause of annihilating the conservative forces” and “We expect he will bring a big laugh to the people by standing imposingly like a giant tree of the conservatives.”

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