2018-2019 premier league begins

Date: 06/12/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The 2018-2019 DPRK premier league started on December 1.

All football clubs which participated in the previous premier league are competing in the current event.

“Home and away matches will be played in this league, too,” said Yu Yong Mok, deputy department chief of the DPRK Football Federation. “Every participant in the last season fully demonstrated their capacity and it is expected that every match will be fierce and dynamic.”

In the last premier league April 25, Ryomyong, Kigwancha and Hwaeppul, which are holding on to their positions as men’s soccer powers, showed off their prowess to the full. But their status is not secure as several other clubs are hot on their heels as rising stars are in full blast.

People look forward to thrilling scoring scenes in the ongoing competition.

The first match was played between Jebi and Ministry of Light Industry at Kim Il Sung Stadium on December 1.

In the previous season they had competed four times, with each of them winning once and ending in a draw twice.

The match was a seesaw battle and pundits and fans were different in their forecasts.

The ministry scored two goals by dint of a fast counterattack and a well-organized two- and three-man combination to win the game.

The winner of the premier league will get a berth at the AFC Cup finals.

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