Single-Minded Unity of Korean People

Date: 07/12/2018 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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Single-Minded Unity of Korean People

That the Democratic People's Republic of Korea which has been led by the peerlessly great men generation after generation is an invincible country with single-minded unity which can not be found in the world.

The pride and honor of the Korean people who live in the country of the single-minded unity are a driving force for an indomitable struggle full of confidence in the invincibility of Juche Korea and source of awareness and will to dedicate their all to the rosy future of the country.

A most powerful country in the world, the invincible fortress, is the country advancing by dint of the single-minded unity.

History vividly proves that when the leadership and people of a country, large in territory, abundant in resources and vast in military and economic capabilities, fail to get united in one thought and one purpose, the fate will be just like a candle flickering in the wind in the face of difficulties.

The wanton pressure and arbitrary practices by dominationists have been witnessed in the long history of the development of the DPRK, which had to sustain the worst-ever sanctions and blockade to defend socialism in the face-off with allied imperialist forces.

All sorts of challenges and trials of history proved to be powerless in the face of the great single-minded unity, though. No force on earth can match the single-minded unity of the DPRK. It is the fixed belief of the Korean people that as long as they get united in one thought and one purpose, they are sure to win.

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