The Machines of the PNMIF Assembled

Date: 07/12/2018 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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The construction of the Pyongyang National Musical Instrument Factory is near completion to contribute a good deal to developing the national music of the country.

The factory is under instructions from Chairman Kim Jong Il. It is an integrated national instrument producer which will turn out great numbers of string instruments like an oungum, an okryugum and a kayagum plus percussion and woodwind instruments such as a drum, an hourglass drum, a flute and a bamboo flute to meet the demand of the nation for them.

The main buildings of the factory have been completed by the builders of the Munsubong Overseas Builders Training Center of the External Construction Guidance Bureau with the active moral and material aid of the Cabinet, ministries and central organs. Machines are assembled in the factory at full steam.

The Ministry of Culture ensures that the builders are awakened to a great political and economic consciousness and motivated to work with devotion to finish the factory as soon as possible. The officials of the field headquarters supervise the construction of the factory on the spot and arrange for the builders to carry out their work assignments without fail every day.

The scientists and technicians of the State Academy of Sciences, Kim Chaek University of Technology and many other institutions contribute their large share to fitting up machines in the factory.

In the past most of musical instruments were made by hand. But our scientists and technicians made new machines which process the spare parts of musical instruments precisely. Efficient computer-aided machines were so made and installed as to numerically control the precise processing of the accessories of wooden musical instruments of diverse kinds. In addition, a casting machine in iron moulds and a dry kiln were designed, made and set up in our way.

Dynamic efforts were made at the factory to actively utilize natural energy, so that it has been made quite possible to introduce the geothermal cooling and heating system into its buildings. Technology is imparted to the workers of the factory simultaneously with the assemblage of its machines.

Yun Un Sim

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