Clear Revelation of Wild Ambition for Reinvasion

Date: 12/03/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Shamelessness of Japan, accustomed to turning black into white, has been brought to light again.

Prime Minister Abe at a recent official meeting of the House of Representatives asserted that Izumo, an escort ship of the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force", cannot be viewed as an aircraft carrier, when the issue of turning it into a carrier was surfaced.

The world people are very shocked to hear such absurd assertion.

As a number of world mass media say, Izumo is similar to or even more advanced than modern aircraft carriers in several aspects.

Izumo, which can carry up to 14 copters and where five copters can take off and land at the same time, has takeoff and landing pad, hangar and all others essential for a carrier, and is very high in the level of its modernization.

Since its launch, military experts said that it is not a helicopter-capable escort ship for defense but a ship which can change any time into a carrier with the capability of mounting a preemptive attack.

Japan claims that the ship capable of carrying up-to-date fighters such as F-35B is not a carrier. Its far-fetched assertion can never work on the world people today.

This is part of the persistent moves of the Japanese reactionaries for the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" and a military giant, and a clear revelation of the deep-rooted wild ambition for reinvasion.

After the warlike Abe group came to power, Japan's moves for a military giant and overseas expansion, which the world is concerned about, have become a reality as the days go by.

After laying legal foundations for the overseas dispatch of troops, including the enactment of the law to deal with contingencies in the areas surrounding Japan and the law on special measures against terrorism, the Japanese regime is pushing ahead with the revision of the constitution in a bid to legalize the existence of the "Self-Defense Forces".

Claiming in the new "defense program" that its security situation is getting dangerous considerably, it tries to put the SDF on a modern basis and on the simulated conditions of an actual war by significantly increasing the defense expenses for five year to come by 6.4 percent, as compared with that of the last five years.

In case the Abe regime has an aircraft carrier which is not allowed under the constitution as Japan is a defeated country, this means that its ambition for a war state will come true.

Herein lies the reason why Japan defends its sophistry even in the face of criticism from the world people.

It is the constant ambition of the Abe regime to strut about in the world at will, flying the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" and showering shells and bullets, with the descendants of samurais overheated with the ambition for reinvasion aboard Izumo and other warships equipped with preemptive attack capabilities.

However, Japan's shameful history of defeat will clearly prove the end where its wild ambition will reach.

The international community keeps a close watch on the moves of Japan, a peace wrecker, for a military giant and overseas expansion.


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