‘Unhasu’ cosmetics find their way into world

Date: 13/03/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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In recent years, the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory has developed into a comprehensive cosmetics production base thanks to state investment.

Though it is not so big, the factory is furnished with processes for the production of basic, makeup and cleansing cosmetics, as well as the cosmetics institute for doing research into cosmetics including design creation and packaging.

In the past, it put main stress on the production of basic cosmetics.

In the period of a modernization project which was undertaken according to a phased plan, various production processes were newly established at the factory, including those for mascara, toiletries, gel- and spray-type perfume, and additives and raw materials, and hundreds of production, analysing and measuring facilities were supplemented.

The additive and raw material production process turns out various kinds of synthetic materials and inorganic pigments including antiseptic by relying on domestic raw materials and extracts dozens of kinds of animal and vegetable substances, contributing to the production of functional cosmetics. Consisting of rooms for manufacturing dressing bag, brush and pigment and cleansing, the toiletries production process makes goods for different purposes. In particular, the process of producing makeup brush which was depended on manual work is now fully automated.

“We have pushed the modernization of production lines in parallel with an undertaking for increasing the varieties and items of cosmetics and improving their quality, and they are now on the final stage. At present, our factory produces over 300 items in 110 kinds,” said Kang Min Sim, director of the institute.

What is the characteristic feature of the Unhasu cosmetics is that the factory uses Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng), speciality of Korea, in production.

Unlike insam cultivated in other countries, Kaesong Koryo insam harmoniously contains saponin, which is particularly efficacious in protecting skin and enhancing its function, microelements, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

By extracting such effective components with the help of advanced technology and adding to the extracts enough functional materials which are efficacious for retarding ageing and nourishing skin, the factory developed skin-protection cosmetics applicable to all types of skin, aloe moisturizing cosmetics suitable for dry skin, anti-ageing cosmetics, those for medical treatment and hair tonic.

Shortly ago, 25 kinds of Unhasu cosmetics won the quality certification and received an application of mass purchase from the Eurasian Economic Union, an influential regional economic organization in Asia and Europe. This shows that the cosmetics are winning growing popularity at home and abroad.

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