Japan Condemned for Evading Blame for Past Crimes

Date: 15/03/2019 | Source: KCNA.co.jp (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, March 15 (KCNA) -- Prime Minister Abe and high-ranking officials of Japan have recently made remarks that the past issue was perfectly settled by law and that the word "sexual slavery" is contrary to the fact and such word should not be mentioned.
Such reckless remarks are now stunning the world people.

It is undeniable and recognized fact that the sexual slavery for the imperial Japanese army was a hideous unethical crime organized and executed on the orders of the Japanese government and military.

In the past Japan took away women of various countries, including 200 000 Korean women, to battlefields and compelled them to serve as sexual slaves, as was confirmed by lots of witnesses and data.

Seiji Yoshida, one of those involved in the forcible drafting of sexual slaves, testified that he personally commanded the operation to take more than 1 000 women by force and it was a human hunting in the true sense of word.

A telegram dated March 12, 1942, sent by the commander of the Japanese military unit stationed in Taiwan to the then Japanese Prime Minister Tojo, goes to evidently prove that Tojo was involved even in the issue of dispatching supervisors needed to run comfort houses.

Successive Japanese governments denied the sexual slavery at the beginning, but later admitted the truth of the fact under the weight of evidence.

Kono, former chief Cabinet secretary of Japan, announced a statement admitting the forcibleness of sexual slavery and the government's involvement. Abe acknowledged it with word "apology" though it was in a perfunctory manner.

But now, they go back to the starting point of ignoring the government's involvement.

This is a disgusting behavior that could be done only by the cunning Japanese politicians.

The aim sought by the Japanese authorities in repeating such impudent acts is to evade the legal responsibility of the state for the sexual slavery crime at any cost.

Japan should be mindful that it can neither hush up the hideous unethical crimes, including the sexual slavery, with any trickery, nor evade the blame for them.

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