Sports and Amusement Games in Celebration of Int’l Women’s Day

Date: 30/04/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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Officials and members of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea from across the country held sports and amusement games between March 4 and 6, Juche 108 (2019) to commemorate the 109th anniversary of March 8 International Women’s Day.

Over 300 women from Pyongyang and provinces competed in volleyball, Taekwon-Do, yut, and other events.

Finals of the events were held on March 6. Officials and members of SWUK and working people in Pyongyang saw the matches.

All the finalists fully displayed high techniques and collective spirit honed through active mass-based sporting activities, as well as noble morality.

Especially, the volleyball final was in the spotlight as the players showed high techniques as professionals including smash and block in various positions and correct ball contact by quick move.

The events demonstrated the proud appearance of the Korean women who are leading a worthwhile life as flowers of the country and families under the warm care of their motherly Party.

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