US’ anti-DPRK act censured

Date: 13/05/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The Policy Research Director of the Institute for American Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, told KCNA on May 11 with regard to the press release issued recently by the US Department of State for the purpose of tarnishing the DPRK's human rights situation on the occasion of the "North Korea Freedom Week."

The press release of the US State Department is nothing but a sophistry full of falsehoods and fabrications, which stems from a sinister political purpose to tarnish the dignified image of the DPRK.

What should be taken more serious is the fact that the United States, turning its back on the June 12 DPRK-US Joint Statement committing to establish new bilateral relations, is taking the lead of hostile actions against the DPRK by instigating the anti-DPRK plotting agencies embedded with the inveterate repugnance for the DPRK.

This has laid bare the American ulterior intention that it does not want the improved DPRK-US relations really, but seeks only to overthrow our system.

The latest release of press release by the US State Department is clear evidence that the present Administration follows in the footsteps of the previous Administrations in regard of the policy hostile to the DPRK.

Although the US is making desperate and foolish efforts to bring us down by clinging to the "human rights" racket along with the "maximum pressure" aimed at destroying our system, it should bear in mind that such an attempt will never work against us but instead push us dynamically to a direction where the US does not want to see.

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