Department store attracts many after remodelling

Date: 13/05/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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It adds a new colour to the area which is dotted with many modern buildings that sprang up in recent years, including a water park and ophthalmic and dental hospitals.

It readily catches the eyes of visitors for its distinctive exterior design such as a good harmony of orange and silver white colours and accordion-style architectural decoration.

Foodstuffs are mostly sold on the ground floor of the five-storey building in the supermarket style. Counters and showcases are full of foodstuffs with gorgeous trademarks, almost all of which are homemade.

“We sell over 5 000 kinds of products here including processed meat and aquatic products, confectionery, drinks and rare cereals of many sorts,” said Kim Yong Dan, a sales department official.

Most eye-catching are the live fish and fast food counters.

Sturgeons swimming freely in a large aquarium, shellfishes cautiously opening and closing shells in it, crisp yellowish waffles roasted in an instant and sandwiches pull the crowds.

On the first floor visitors can conveniently choose and buy furniture, ready-made clothes, household goods, shoes, bags, electric and electronic products, infants goods and other manufactured goods.

On show at the furniture exhibition from the first floor down to the basement are sets of various furniture pieces that go with different shapes of rooms and visitors can compare which one will match their rooms. And at the ready-made clothes counter saleswomen kindly help them choose what they want with an expertise of fashion designers.

The second floor is covered with shops selling world-famous goods.

Divided into sections of products with famous brand names for men and women, jewellery, watch and sports goods, the shops sell such luxury goods as Lancy From, Satoh, Joy & Peace, S. D. Spontini, Mont Blanc, Rolex, Adidas, Nike and others.

Visitors can have a good time while relishing Korean, other Asian and European foods on the third floor with dining halls and the fourth floor with distinctively furnished individual dining rooms and computer games and billiards rooms.

Viewing spectacular sights is also a pride of the store.

It is really amazing to see the far sights of the Munsu area and near sights of the fountain and picturesque ornamental buildings in the compound from the fourth floor whose roof and side are covered with glass panels.

“Top priority in the store management is not profit, but maximum service to the people. It is our goal to make the store a favourite haunt for the people by providing them with utmost convenience, from the prices of mass consumer goods to service,” said manageress Ryu Hyon Ok.

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