Scientific and Technological Problems Solved on the Spot

Date: 15/05/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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The teachers and researchers of Wonsan Jo Kun Sil University of Technology do their level best at many factories and enterprises of Kangwon Province to strengthen their material and technological foundations further.

They finished programming automatons and controllers at the Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory in concert with the scientists of related units, enabled the automatic operation of its production processes and devised and applied over 10 programs to the factory, thereby contributing to the perfection of its integrated production control system.

They constructed the integrated production system needed to base the production and management of the Wonsan Mushroom Farm on IT, planned and made dozens of machines for its mushroom production and introduced them into its separate processes. This enabled the farm to increase its output by 1.2 times and produce as many spores as possible in actuality.

Moreover, they programmed the maker and operator of a PLC control board needed to process cakes, corn grits, corn syrup, noodles and potato at the Wonsan Maize Processing Factory, thus helping toward modernizing its productive processes.

They did full justice to their creative wisdom and ardor to establish the integrated production system of the Maebongsan Spring Water Factory so they contributed to completing it with success.

Besides, the mechanical engineering faculty of the university carries out its research projects successfully to set up an artificial turf workshop at the Wonsan Disabled Soldiers' Essential Plastic Goods Factory.

Paek Song Gun

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