President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il Lauded for Developing DPRK into Powerful Socialist State

Date: 15/05/2019 | Source: (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- The DPRK which has developed into a dignified and powerful state, invincible socialist fortress, is the most valuable patriotic legacy President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il left by dedicating their whole lives, says Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an article.
It goes on:

With their brilliant wisdom and superb leadership, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il made an undying contribution to the development of the DPRK.

It is the exploits performed by the great leaders that they developed the DPRK into a powerful country of Juche holding fast to the revolutionary line of independence, glorified it as a genuine people's country making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people and built the DPRK to be an invincible country with self-supporting national economy and self-defensive military power.

They made sure that the DPRK is shining as a country with the bright prospect of steady continuity. This constitutes their distinguished exploits to be eternally recorded in the history of the country.

Having a deep insight into the historical inevitability of carrying forward the revolutionary cause with their far-sighted wisdom, the great leaders regarded it as their lifetime mission to establish a firm organizational and ideological foundation and guidance system for ensuring the continuity of the revolution and became paragons of doing so. It is their greatest exploits that they perfectly resolved all the matters arising in carrying forward the revolutionary cause, including the inheritance of revolutionary traditions and the issue of the youth.

We should go all out for building a prosperous and powerful socialist country on this land as early as possible to materialize the lifetime desire of the great leaders, cherishing in our minds the fortune of being blessed with the illustrious leaders generation after generation.

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