Unaccepted Desire

Date: 14/05/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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One April day, scores of years before, officials were busy at congratulating Premier Kim Il Sung on his birthday.

On hearing it, Kim Il Sung told them not to make any preparations as he would spend the day as usual.

So the officials secretly prepared a family party for him.

Kim Il Sung again learned about it. He summoned the officials to his office the day before his birthday and said: How can I, the Premier, could have a birthday party when the people still have a hard time in their living; if you do not listen to me, I will not come to the office tomorrow; instead, I will go away.

The officials were doubtful of what he said, but he really set out for a journey on his car early in the morning.

He visited a farm village.

Mingling with the farmers, he said: Now that you are sowing seeds with machine, you can develop vegetable farming and stockbreeding with the surplus labour; and with that labour you can also create orchards and fish ponds and build houses.

Then he continued his way to another unit.

Accompanying him, the officials, from the bottom of their hearts, wished him a good rest on his birthday.

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