Online education helps workers develop can-do attitude

Date: 11/06/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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“Online education is an effective means of closely combining science and technology with production by making the most of production sites as practice grounds. At present, thousands of people across the country get online education in different courses, and the number of entrants increases year-on-year,” said Rector Ri Yong Ho.

Among the graduates are many workers who, during their college days, presented original proposals and valuable technical innovation plans badly needed in their factories and enterprises.

Kang Won Yon, worker at the university, designed and made a grinding wheel self-balancer which improves the accuracy of finishing and cleanness of the surfaces of various machine parts. Jong A Gyong at the Pyongyang Municipal Power Distribution Station developed a program for designing the transmission system by creating a database with previous designs drawn on paper. The two workers obtained their academic degrees for these innovations.

Jong, in particular, finished the five-year online course in three years and six months.

“As I attended the course I could solve technical problems arising in my job, including the methods of installing various integrators at substations and operating the real-time power monitoring system,” said the 24-year-old.

She had keenly felt the urgency of the establishment of the power control system during her work, and after enrolling on the online course she buckled down to informatizing the integrated power control system for achieving a balance between the production and consumption of electricity in Pyongyang.

Lectures and advice given by competent lecturers and researchers of the course offered her full scope for imagination and creation. She could complete her research project in a short time and her development won the first prize at the national exhibition of IT achievements.

“Her research finding introduced into power distribution stations in the city are now bringing great benefits. Dozens of workers of our station are taking online courses at different universities and they all play a large part in the operation of the station and technical innovation,” said Mun Jong Chol, chief of the technological development department of the station.

The establishment of different forms of online education system has tailored education to the practical needs at production sites, which enables working students across the country to consolidate what they learned at online colleges as they work in their workplaces and acquire latest technologies in various fields.

Over 120 students have recently graduated from the first-term course of Pyongyang Jang Chol Gu University of Commerce Online.

Most of the graduates were women.

Among them were seven employees of the Munsu Restaurant who finished the online course with excellent marks.

Kim Yong Sil, 47-year-old maitre d’ of the restaurant, said that it is not easy for persons of her age to attend a university course, but they successfully completed the courses in business administration, gastrology and service.

During her university days, she devised recipes for different foods which were later registered as sci-tech hits.

When she received an online lecture about wholesome and nutritive chives, she had an urge to make a new drink with the spice.

She made in-depth research and made the sour chives drink, a new kind of functional drink which won the first place in the drinks division at the 23rd cooking festival in celebration of the Day of the Sun last year.

Her achievement gave her colleagues the conviction that anyone who learns can create something new in practice.

Waitress Ri Ok Yong noticed that old people prefer thick drinks like kefir to soda pop and made a new kind of smoothie with fresh corn.

The yellowish drink with sweet, savoury and sour tastes in harmony has already become a favourite of many diners including old people.

Besides, the employees of the restaurant developed such functional fermented drinks as carrot spirulina lactic acid beverage and pumpkin lactic acid beverage and created a new recipe for steamed catfish and natto with hot seasoning.

Completing their online course, they put their heads together to make a natural carbonated and fermented beverage with the by-products of kimchi making and won a national patent.

“Knowledge is power and anyone can create new things when they learn”—it’s what they say in unison.

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