Harmony of colours

Date: 11/06/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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They opted for white, jade green and light pink colours for their clothes, as well as light and soft neutral tints.

Women picked clothes of soft and bright colours including light pink, light green and cream in spring and such clean colours as jade green and light blue in summer to meet seasonal characteristics.

Children also liked bright colours and they wore striped jackets whose sleeves, collar and breast-tie had different colours or whose sleeves were decorated with rainbow colours on holidays.

Korean costume consists of upper and lower garments, and they were often different in colour.

Especially, women preferred different-coloured chima (skirt) and jogori (jacket) to unicoloured ones.

Among them, green jacket and crimson skirt, yellow jacket and crimson skirt, and yellow jacket and blue skirt were used as holiday and ceremonial attire. In particular, the Koreans liked best the yellow jacket and crimson skirt as they appealed to their aesthetic taste and the gorgeous and refreshing colours go together well.

Men put on comparatively bright clothes of single colour including white and jade green. When they wore upper and lower garments in different colours, they chose a light brown, light blue, blue or grey jacket along with bright and soft coloured trousers.

Korean costume can represent beauty through the harmony of colours of components in each section.

The colours of breast-tie and cuff of traditional women’s jacket were different from the ground colour to avoid the monotony of colour and add beauty.

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