Bee Institute

Date: 10/07/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Bee Institute

The Bee Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science, established as the Ponghak Bee Experiment Station in Juche 53 (1964), is located in Phyongsong City, South Phyongan Province.

Paek Tal Hyon, head of the institute, said;

“Bee has been since long tamed by humans. A record that honey was found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian king shows that humans have long since raised bees and used honey in their living. Bee-keeping has been widely prevalent in Korea thanks to its physiographical conditions with diversified flora and a variety of flowers coming into full bloom in spring, summer and autumn. Our ancestors intensified the research into the bees.”

The institute set it as its mission to breed superior species of queen bees and supply them to the bee-keeping stations across the country.

It has several laboratories for the research into breeding and raising of new species, diseases and information.

Its researchers have recently succeeded in breeding two superior species with high rate of oviposition and strong resistance to diseases and cold by applying artificial fertilization. They are also increasing the output of honey and improving its quality by introducing advanced tool and double-box method.

They have developed several preventive and treatment medicines for bees, supplied them to the bee-keeping stations across the country and disseminated advanced techniques to provincial bee-keepers’ association and bee-keeping companies once a year.

The institute has under its control branch offices and bee yards in several parts of the country.

It renders services to improving the people’s health by producing such bee goods as linden honey, acacia honey, bush-clover honey, buckwheat honey, royal jelly, beeswax and propolis.

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