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Date: 12/07/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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The officials of a rabbit farm were puzzled why rabbits died one after another in their good hutches despite being quite well fed.

Informed of this President Kim Il Sung was lost in a thought for a while. He said that it was advisable to change the breeding period of rabbits.

He said that it was most difficult to raise rabbits in the sultry rainy season and that even people could hardly withstand oppressive heat and high humidity in the season because the temperature was over 30℃ and it rained uninterruptedly in our country from about July 10 to about August 10. In his opinion it was advisable to alter the period of rabbit production. He gave instructions to breed rabbits till late June when the rainy season did not yet set in, weed out old unproductive rabbits and feed good breeding ones alone well in dry air-cooled hutches and propagate them from August 20 onward. He added that this was more profitable than leaving rabbits feeding on food for nothing, only to perish.

The officials could not but be struck dumb with admiration.

They bred rabbits without any seasonal consideration. Consequently, leverets succumbed to oppressive heat and excessive moisture in the rainy season of summer and mother rabbits got malnourished and barely survived their production thanks to the painstaking efforts of raisers. But they were at a loss what to do, adhering to ready-made ideas.

Afterwards, the farm changed the breeding period of rabbits and achieved good successes in their production.

Pang Kyong Chan

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