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Date: 12/07/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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The Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory has recently developed new products of over 20 kinds.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited it on many occasions and gave precious instructions to devise and mass-produce cosmetics which will help toward not only beautifying, sublimating and civilizing the lives of our women and other working people but also promoting their health.

The technologists of the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory worked with might and main to use natural materials richly available in our country as basic raw materials for its cosmetics.While conducting many clinical examinations, they positively proved the dermal security and effectiveness of medical cosmetics, including a new prickly heat powder they invented.

They went all-out to develop natural, functional and effective medical cosmetics which meet the diverse tastes and demand of customers, thus successively devising and producing an anti-mosquito perfume, an anti-mosquito cream and many others whose hygienic security is guaranteed and which are badly needed for one’s outdoor life. They include a natural beauty pack which makes the skin elastic, glossy and fair and unwrinkles it as well as an antioxidant and other different beauty membranes which make the skin light gray and vitaminize it.

The workers and technologists of the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory applied themselves to diversifying its toilet sets and dressing bags further and made more than 50 ones of 10-odd kinds.

O Mun Il

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