Young Prize-Winners

Date: 10/08/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Yong pianists from the DPRK demonstrated their talents at the Third Vladimir Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition held in Russia last March.

Over 20 young pianists qualified in preliminary regional contests participated in its finals.

Among them were Kim Ji Won, 15-year-old student from Pyongyang Music School No.1 of Kim Won Gyun University of Music, and Pae Yon Ju, third grader of Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

Kim Ji Won who took part in the second division (12-16 age group) was awarded a diploma of the finalist for his refined and skilled performance of the Korean song Three-thousand ri of Taehongdan and Tchaikovsky’s ballet suite Nutcracker. Pae Yon Ju won a special prize in the third division (17-22 age group).

Kim learned the rudiments of piano at Kyongsang Kindergarten renowned for its early education in music and is rated as the best student at the Pyongyang Music School No. 1. He impressed the jury and audience with dexterity and exquisiteness of performance.

Pae was good at piano since her childhood and people wished her promising future.

The young pianists say in unison that they will double their efforts to polish their techniques and live up to the expectations of their teachers, parents and peers.

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