A Maternity Hospital for Fishes

Date: 12/08/2019 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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In May four years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm in the northern tip of Korea.

Presently he saw a panorama of the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm and was delighted to say that it was splendid, that it was manifest to him that great efforts were made to build it on an extensive scale under a bold plan and that he could know by intuition that thorough preparations were made for the plan.

He was greatly satisfied at the fact that the SASPF conducted a great enterprise unnoticed true to Chairman Kim Jong Il who said that breeding salmon was a work for our country and that when it reared salmon in the sea our country could legitimately stand abreast with those countries advanced in fish culture.

Kim Jong Un looked joyfully at outdoor breeding ponds teeming with young rainbow trout and indoor ones thronged with alevins. He said that the SASPF was really a maternity hospital for fishes.

The SASPF could be defined as such by nobody but Kim Jong Un who is quite prepared to pick even stars from the sky and make flowers bloom even on stones for the people.

Jang Jong Chol

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