Photograph Taken Again

Date: 22/08/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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The following happened on September 4, Juche 78 (1989).

President Kim Il Sung, together with the authoress of the then West Germany, paid a visit to the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace.

At the accordion-training room they were warmly welcomed by the teaching staff and club members.

After a while, the President said to the children to play the accordion.

The latter began playing and singing the song We Are the Happiest in the World, out of their boundless emotion and rejoicing.

Our father is Marshal Kim Il Sung

Our home is the Party’s bosom

We are all blood brothers and sisters

We are the happiest in the world

The song resounded over the blue autumn sky.

After the song was over, the President applauded before anybody else and said that the club members were very good at playing the accordion, and he should have a photo taken with all of them.

Hearing this, the children were beside themselves with joy.

Some of them shed tears on their faces, stamping their feet.

Wiping away their tears on the cheeks, the President said: Now stop crying and pose for a photograph. Please say cheese.

After the photographing was over, all the children were to snuggle into his bosom again.

The President, however, found a little boy behind him crying.

Just a moment ago when the children were vying one another to get nearer to the President, this 9-year-old boy, the youngest of them and with his heavy accordion, could not defend his position owing to the taller boys.

He was so anxious, but could not be seen when the camera was triggered….

The President said to the photographer that this boy might have been hidden in the photo and it was good to take the photo again, so that all the children could be seen clearly in the photo.

And he had the little boy stand just beside him.

Seeing the President, the foreign authoress was deeply moved.

The boy posed for a photograph with a broad smile on his face and his hand holding the President’s.

He hoped that the moment in the embrace of the President would last forever.

This photo is preserved in the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, handing down the affection of the President for the children.

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