For Convenience of People

Date: 22/08/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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Seven years ago, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a shop in Pyongyang.

Looking round several places, he familiarized himself with its operation and service.

Then he stopped at the confectioneries counter before which there were some handcarts for customers.

The accompanying officials felt pleased at the sight.

The moment, Kim Jong Un pushed a handcart into the counter.

An offcial rushed toward him to take it over.

Kim Jong Un said: I will, too, bring biscuits on this handcart.

But you never think they are the best in this shop.

His joke brought the officials into laughter.

Then he went on pushing the cart between the stands full of goods so as to examine if there was any discomfort.

Only then did the officials come to understand why he personally took the cart into the counter.

At the watch counter he told them that servants should exchange the battery of electronic watches and repair them and at the sight of a table lamp he emphasized there should be an electric apparatus for customers to switch on it.

The officials were much impressed by the affection of Kim Jong Un, who took every step for perfect service activities with paternal care of providing everything to the people.

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