AVF Starts to Apply VRS

Date: 22/08/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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This year AVF-sponsoring senior matches have introduced regulations on video-referring system in matches decisive of 8 top placers.

Coaches can demand video data check only in five cases‐whether the ball goes in or out, whether the blocker touches the ball or not, whether the player touches the net or not, whether the ball touches the limit pole or not, and whether the player touches the line or not.

When a questionable action is found during fierce fight, coaches can press sound button and the first umpire stops the match.

Coaches should inform the first umpire of suspicious action within 8 seconds after pressing the button; if not, the latter rejects the video examination and gives one point to opposite team.

After the fierce offensive and defensive fight is over, only the video data of its result can be required.

If the questionable action is not conveyed to the umpire within 8 seconds after coaches press the button, it ends with one requirement of video data check canceled.

Each team can demand only two-time check every round of the match.

If the result is judged to be right the team’s number of demand doesn’t decrease.

Coaches cannot demand the check on two problems at once.

Both teams can require the simultaneous check.

If their demands are all right, the first violation is declared.

The first umpire can also ask for a check; if the check is not clear, he decides by himself and informs the both captains of the result.

During the check, all the players in the court cannot be out nor is any substitution allowed.

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