I Revived My Hope

Date: 10/09/2019 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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I woke on the morning of February 7 last year to feel weak in the legs and find it difficult to walk. It took me two hours to walk only 100 metres with desperate attempts.

I was diagnosed with GBS and confined to a wheelchair. I was seized with despair when I was told that I could not walk to school by myself far from taking part in sporting activities, my favourite hobby.

After a dozen or so days passed, my mother took me in the wheelchair to the promenade along the Taedong River and one man approached us.

He asked me why I became wheelchair-bound and how I was diagnosed. When he knew my disease, he assured us that I could regain my health. He was Pak Chol Song, head of the neurorehab department at the Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic.

This is how I was admitted to the rehabilitation clinic located by the Munsu Water Park.

The rehabilitation clinic is equipped with a number of therapy rooms and sophisticated facilities and staffed by qualified medical workers with plenty of experience.

Most of the doctors are young and promising. Department head Pak himself is 34 years old.

At the clinic I received medical, physical and Koryo therapies, and my health got better. Thanks to sincere and painstaking efforts of the doctors, I got up on my feet again after a week.

Seeing the medical workers who rejoiced over it as over their own, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to them for treating me, a son of an ordinary worker, with utmost care.

During my days in the clinic I witnessed several times that many congenitally disabled persons were treated back to health.

After a month of treatment I recovered my health completely and went on my study at the senior middle school. And this year I was admitted to Korea University of Physical Education as I hoped.

Everyday on my way to university, I always look in the direction of the clinic.

I am sure I will visit the clinic again when I win a gold medal.

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