Congratulatory Letter to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un from Central Standing Committee of Chongryon

Date: 10/09/2019 | Source: DPRK Today (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) -- Supreme LeaderKim Jong Un received a congratulatory letter from the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) on Sep. 9, the 71st founding anniversary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The letter paid the noblest tribute to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who pioneered the cause of building a powerful country of Juche and laid eternal foundations for accomplishment of the cause of socialism and extended the greatest glory and the warmest congratulations to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is bringing earlier the final victory of the cause of Juche on the occasion of the 71st founding anniversary of the DPRK.

The proud road of victory covered by the DPRK is the immortal history that the President and the Chairman turned the DPRK into an invincible socialist country dignified with independence and demonstrating its might by dint of Songun and an unprecedented heroic epic that the Supreme Leader who has creditably carried forward the exploits of the great leaders for building a powerful country put the dignity of the country and national power on the high level ever known in the 5 000-year-long history of the nation, the letter said.

Thanks to the socialist country the peerlessly great men built and turned into an invincible country, Chongryon and the Koreans in Japan could preserve the national dignity and keep on the patriotic road to demonstrate the honor of an example in the world movement of overseas compatriots in the chilly wind of the alien land, the letter noted.

The letter expressed the will to actively push ahead with the movement for the national reunification and the external activities as required by the new times when the Supreme Leader is ushering in the golden age of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean Peninsula and to make a tangible contribution to the building of a powerful socialist country by giving full play to the spirit of Kim Jong Il's patriotism.

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