Congratulatory letter comes from Koreans in China

Date: 10/09/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un received a congratulatory letter from the General Association of Koreans in China on Sept 9, the 71st anniversary of the DPRK.

The letter said that the founding of the DPRK enabled the Korean nation to come out to the international arena as proud master of independent life and the country could shine as a dignified independent and sovereign state on the world map.

It stressed that President Kim Il Sung waged the bloody anti-Japanese armed struggle in thick forests of Mt Paektu to defeat the Japanese imperialists and founded the DPRK.

It pointed out that Chairman Kim Jong Il has won victory after victory in a war without a gun report against the imperialists under the uplifted banner of Songun and laid the eternal foundations for building a powerful socialist country.

It stressed that the DPRK is shining on the top of the world under the leadership of the Supreme Leader, the symbol of mightiness of the DPRK and the banner of all victories.

It expressed the will to make a tangible contribution to the prosperity of the country and the independent reunification of the country hands in hands with the people of the motherland in the general offensive for building an economic power.

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