Rehabilitation from Typhoon Damage in Full Swing

Date: 12/09/2019 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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The officials and other working people in the field of electric power industry are promoting the campaign for clearing away the aftermaths of Typhoon-13.

As has already been reported, power supply was suspended due to the interruption of power transmission and supply networks affected by the typhoon, which hit several parts of the country on September 7.

Officials of the Ministry of Electric Power Industry and other subordinate units went to the typhoon-stricken areas to take immediate measures for rehabilitation, giving priority to supplying materials and organizing labour scrupulously.

Workers in the field of electric power industry are promoting the work to supply electricity to key units by setting up a temporary power transmission and supply network while pushing ahead with the recovery of the main network at rapid speed.

South Hwanghae Province, which was severely damaged, is dynamically launching the campaign for restoration.

Haeju City, Pyoksong, Sinwon, Paechon and other counties promoted the work for restoring pylons and electric-light poles to supply electricity to the damaged areas.

The workers of the Transmission Line Laying Station and officials, working people in North Hwanghae Province, including the provincial power transmission and supply station, carried out the setup of high-voltage power poles and transmission pylons by pooling efforts with service personnel of the People’s Army.

South Hamgyong Province put power generation on a normal footing by repairing the waterways and roads of Pujongang and Jangjingang power stations and building buttresses.

Kangwon and North Phyongan provinces and Kaesong Municipality set up many electric-light poles and are now directing efforts to restoring power transmission and supply pylons as early as possible.

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