August 14, 2022
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Anti-epidemic foundation of state strengthened

Date: 29/05/2022 | Source: Voice of Korea (EN) | Read original version at source

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Great importance is attached to putting the anti-epidemic foundation of the state on a definite scientific footing and laying solid material and technical foundations in the anti-epidemic field.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector is concentrating efforts on laying firm anti-epidemic foundation of the country to cope with any sudden situation actively and quickly, consistently holding fast to all the anti-epidemic principles and measures presented and taken by the Workers' Party of Korea and the state.

The officials and experts of a relevant sector are steadily intensifying the study to ensure higher mobilization and efficient work in all fields and units in case of the outbreak of a crisis as now and make a general analysis of the advanced anti-epidemic experiences of other country and introduce them according to the actual conditions.

The emergency anti-epidemic sector makes possible state of emergency a fait accompli to cope with the serious situation that new variants continue to occur and spread worldwide and takes necessary measures while predicting the trend of spread of the malignant epidemic in a scientific way.

Undertakings are promoted to rapidly finish the clinical examination of more than 10 kinds of anti-virus medicines developed on the basis of a profound analysis of the source of various diseases.

The Cabinet and the Ministry of Public Health are making material and technical preparations in an all-round way to cope with the future threats and challenges.

The work is done according to the scientific and technological and realistic conditions to build up the quarantine places with better accommodation and conditions for treatment and professional and exclusive organizations controlling the diseases in Pyongyang City and all provinces.

Rational proposals are studied and drawn up to reinforce public health workers and equipment on the basis of the confirmation of the population in the relevant regions, the number of those with chronic diseases and medical forces and further strengthen the relations between the centre and the treatment centres across the country in order to thoroughly implement the measures taken by the state with a scientific guarantee.

Active efforts are made to introduce the plasma activated water without using salt into reality as its production technology has been developed.

Quickness and accuracy and popular character are firmly maintained in the sale and supply of medicines by introducing good experiences and methods created by the military medical sector at the site of anti-epidemic war in the capital city.

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