August 11, 2022
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Respected Women Scientists

Date: 30/07/2022 | Source: Voice of Korea (EN) | Read original version at source

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  The Law on Sex Equality was promulgated in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on July 30, Juche 35(1946).

Since the day, the Korean women have been leading a worthwhile life to their hearts' content as genuine masters of the country, devoting their patriotic ardour at their work sites. Among them are women scientists who made a contribution to developing science and technology of the country.

Doctors Ju Hyon Hui and Pak Hye Suk at Kim Il Sung University are respected by the teaching staff and students as persons of ability.

Professor Ju Hyon Hui at the Maths Faculty was awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the highest sci-tech prize of the country, and is recognized by the world maths circles.

In her 30s she presented a thesis concerning the theory on dynamic chaos for the first time in Korea, getting a doctorate. Afterwards, she solved pending problems arising in the theory on dynamic chaos and contributed more than 10 theses to the authoritative international scientific journals. She worked as a member of the TWAS-UNESCO Associateship, an international scientific exchange organization, between 2013 and 2017.

Professor Pak Hye Suk at the Resource Science Faculty, the first woman doctor of geology in the DPRK, is an authority on applied mineralogy who made a great contribution to solving the problems of raw materials, fuel and power by depending on the resources of the country.

The biggest of her scientific research findings is that she widened the sphere of use of the vermiculite rich in Korea.

Vermiculite is a popular mineral and the research into it is active worldwide.

Pak Hye Suk has intensified her research into the vermiculite for more than 20 years to make an effective use of it in different fields including agriculture, forestry, medical science and pisciculture as well as building-materials industry, bringing great economic profits.

The state gave official commendations of high level to them who made many successes in education and scientific researches, invited them to national conferences as delegates and provided them with new houses in Ryomyong Street free of charge in April Juche 106(2017).

The women scientists of Kim Il Sung University are still striving to contribute to the development of science and technology of the country.

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