Don Quixote to Become Political Party Leader in S. Korea: KCNA Commentary

Date: 06/12/2018 | Source: (English) | Read original version at source

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December 6 (KCNA) -- The "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea has again turned into a jibe-trading center.
Hong Jun Phyo who had been expelled from the post of LKP representative after being held accountable for the defeat in the June elections to local self-government bodies is again knocking on the door, revealing his will to return to the political circle.

Pro-Park Guen Hye elements in the LKP remain averse to return Hong Jun Phyo, terming him the "very one behind the conservative division."

They say the LKP should not accept Hong as he is so shameless as to sneak out like a cockroach without atoning for the defeat in the local elections.

Kim Pyong Jun, chairman of the emergency measure committee of LKP, and its floor leader Kim Song Thae and other upper echelons are reportedly disregarding Hong's comeback utterly.

Lurking behind Hong's bid to engage in politics again just after the lapse of only half a year since his expulsion from the political circle is his sinister political design.

He seeks to rally his own faction within LKP, steer the reorganization of the political world and thus become "president."

However, the public in south Korea term his return to politics hysteria for confrontation with fellow countrymen and deathbed symptom of a human reject.

Like this, he is being rejected by LKP.

Hong should have reflected on his past before deciding on the comeback to politics.

As known already, Hong has been criticized by public in south Korea as "Don Quixote" for his low-browed language and abnormal acts.

He was also branded as "special-class political swindler," "theft kingpin" and "matchless lecher."

He malignantly hurt the proactive measures taken by the DPRK to mend the north-south relations and the enthusiastic support of the south Korean public for them as "camouflaged peace offensive" and "riot of left-wingers" when he was the representative of LKP. All his crimes are vividly remembered by the south Korean people.

His return to politics is bound to come under ridicule.

Political parties for democracy and reform including the Minju Party and the Jongui Party are reportedly sneering at Hong, "welcoming LKP's trouble-maker Hong's return to politics," and "hoping Hong would surely achieve the destruction of conservatism and move the people to a side-splitting laughter by becoming a big tree of conservatism."

Red light has been turned on toward LKP and conservative forces with the appearance of Hong.

It is as clear as noonday that a scum's appearance will add fuel to the flames of the internal dispute of the philistines and speed up the dash of conservatism toward total destruction.

As the novel "Don Quixote" made the public bitterly ridicule and criticize the anachronistic things, traitor Hong's return to politics will make the south Korean people's hatred at the conservative group bitterer.

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