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Date: 13/04/2014 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The spokesman for the DPRK National Defence Commission released a statement on April 12 as to the fact that the prime minister, the minister of unification and other bigwigs of the south Korean authorities are saying there is no response to the Dresden declaration yet and they hope the north would respond to it positively. He said:

The Dresden declaration is the three-point proposal Park Geun Hye recently made in Dresden, German to the DPRK, which consists of a medley of incoherent schemes including the "settlement of humanitarian issues", the "laying of foundation of the people's livelihood for co-prosperity" and the "restoration of homogeneity".

Though it does not deserve even a passing notice, we are going to clarify our view on it as the south Korean authorities are expressing their vain hope that we would respond to the declaration.

First, the Dresden declaration is nothing but a jargon of a traitor who was so servile as to peddle the internal issue of the nation in other country.

Though there was a time in south Korea when it earned notoriety for Yushin fascist politics and military dictatorship in the past, it did not bring the reunification issue abroad, and the north and south exchanged visits to discuss the issue and adopted statements and declarations on it.

The declaration is crooked from the starting point and meaning as it was announced in front of other nation in a foreign country.

Second, the Dresden declaration is nonsense made by an anti-reunification element who misled the public with hypocrisy and deception without putting forward any solution, ignorant of the present state of inter-Korean relations.

The removal of political and military confrontation has always been the top priority for improved north-south relations in all the inter-Korean announcements ranging from the July 4 North-South Joint Statement adopted over 40 years ago to the inter-Korean basic agreement, the historic June 15 Joint Declaration and its acting programme October 4 Declaration.

Park Geun Hye, however, gabbled as if the "restoration of homogeneity" through any "co-prosperity" and "exchange" based on "aid" and "cooperation" from the international community was the primary task for mending north-south relations, only to reveal that she is no more than a blind woman who is so ignorant and slow-witted politically and insensitive to realities.

Third, the Dresden declaration is anti-reunification rubbish she talked in a bid to improve her poor image, indifferent to the interests of the country and nation.

The public scathingly disclosed that through the declaration Park Geun Hye officially announced that her "theory of unification" is ultimately "unification by ideological absorption" based on "liberal democracy", "unification by unilateral economic absorption" and "unification by military occupation".

Since the south Korean authorities insist that we clarify our official approach towards the Dresden declaration, we avail ourselves of this opportunity to state the following principled stand:

Above all, they should firmly keep in their mind that the tongue lashing of Park Geun Hye is just the primary root cause of deteriorating inter-Korean relations and gloomy prospect of the nation.

And she should no longer use the hackneyed signboard of "confidence" as an embellishment for covering up her dishonest design.

Next, the south Korean authorities should put an end to the anachronistic way of thinking and behaviour sticking to the dark past.

Park should not waste time doing foolish things, but do anything beneficial to the country and nation as this will be more helpful to prolonging her remaining days.

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