S. Korean Regime Slammed for Abusing Inter-Korean Dialogue for Pursuing Confrontation

Date: 21/09/2013 | Source: KCNA.co.jp (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued on Saturday the following statement:
Thanks to the DPRK's sincere proposals for dialogue and its positive efforts, the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which had reached an extreme phase, has been put on the orbit of detente and the north-south relations are improving.

However, such hard-won inter-Korean ties are again inching close to a serious crisis due to the reckless and vicious confrontation racket of the south Korean conservative group.

It describes a series of successes registered in the north-south relations recently as a fruition of its "theory of principle", claiming that it is "the result of confidence-building process on the Korean Peninsula", and "the principled policy towards the north" is "pulling" the DPRK.

It slandered the tour of Mt. Kumgang, an undertaking common to the nation, as a "source of money making" by the north. In reference to the international games hosted by the north according to practice and rules, it is foolishly trumpeting about "change" and the like.

This is the height of the practice of a guilty party filing the suit first. It is an unpardonable mockery and insult to the good faith, magnanimity and sincere efforts of the DPRK.

Dialogue and negotiations are taking place between the north and the south despite the extreme confrontation racket of totally negating the social system in the DPRK now under way in south Korea. This is entirely ascribable to the invariable efforts of the DPRK to implement the north-south joint declaration.

Nevertheless, the group describes the progress made in the inter-Korean ties thanks to the sincere efforts of the DPRK as the fruition of their "theory of principle". This is shameless and gangster-like behavior.

The south Korean regime is now busy with war drills and arms build-up against compatriots in league with its American master, crying out for achieving "unification under liberal democracy" behind the scene of dialogue.

It is frantically staging an alarming "witch-hunting campaign" aimed at cracking down upon all progressive democrats, who call for reconciliation and unity and reunification between the north and the south, by branding them as "pro-communist elements" and "forces following the north" on absurd charges that the "case of plotted rebellion" is linked with the north.

It is hard to expect any normal dialogue and the development of the inter-Korean ties in such terror-ridden atmosphere in which even the hard-won inter-Korean dialogue is being abused by the group for confrontation with compatriots and it is going mad with war drills against the north and repressive racket.

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) clarifies the following stance as regards the prevailing grave situation:

1. The DPRK puts on hold the reunion of separated families and relatives from the north and the south scheduled to take place between the north and the south till a normal atmosphere is created for dialogue and negotiations.

It is impossible to properly settle any elementary humanitarian issue but only a vicious cycle of confrontation will repeat itself as long as the south Korean conservative regime is abusing all dialogues and negotiations as means for confrontation, regarding the north-south relations as hostile ties.

The DPRK declares that the talks on resuming the tour of Mt. Kumgang will be postponed, too, which the south Korean puppet regime uses as a lever for smear campaign against the DPRK and regards as a means for confrontation.

2. The DPRK will take strong and decisive counteractions against the south Korean puppet regime's ever-escalating war provocations to it.

Dialogue can never go together with war.

It is sadly mistaken if it thinks the bad habit dating back to the era of dictatorship when traitors trumpeted about "confrontation accompanied with dialogue" would work even today.

The DPRK will never allow any slight attempt at provocation on the part of the south Korean warmongers but take a strong counteraction against it.

3. The DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to the conspiratorial moves against the DPRK and all sorts of suppression of the pro-reunification patriots being perpetrated under the pretext of linkage to it.

Such vicious anti-DPRK conspiratorial moves and the harsh suppression of those pro-reunification patriots in south Korea only bring to light the true colors of the conservative group as confrontation maniacs as they are a revelation of extreme hostility towards compatriots.

The fascist action of the group to eliminate all those who call for reconciliation and unity with compatriots is nothing but an ulterior intention to pursue confrontation with the DPRK to the last.

The south Korean conservative regime is wholly to blame for the prevailing situation as it abuses dialogue for pursuing confrontation.

The DPRK will do its best for the development of the inter-Korean ties and peace and prosperity but it has no idea of showing good faith and magnanimity even for those keen to pursue confrontation with it to the last.

The DPRK will closely watch the future developments in south Korea.

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