Useless wriggling

Date: 25/12/2016 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The misbehaviour of the Saenuri Party after the voting of Park Geun Hye’s impeachment is attracting public censure.
The bitter feud between pro-Parks and non-Parks is developing into an “all-out war”.
Both factions exchange acrimony and abuses against each other.
Also ridiculous is their scramble for power.
The pro-Park faction officially launched a reformist joint conservative coalition group on December 13 and is busy founding a new conservative party. The non-Park faction is vying with the former, while hinting at its withdrawal from the party and arguing for making a new party.
The focus of their power scramble is that both try to win the outgoing UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon.
Until quite recently Ban had the same intention with Park Geun Hye and planned to run for the next presidential election with the Saenuri Party as his political basis.
But as Park Geun Hye is soon to be impeached and the Saenuri completely lost ground, he made a U-turn and revealed his intention to stay away from Park, saying “he would not join the forsaken ruling party” and “he would not become the saviour of the diseased conservatives”.
Eventually, the Saenuri’s plan to find a way out with Ban as its saviour completely went awry.
It is the objective analysis that even if the Saenuri attracted Ban, its fate would never change.
Ban highly praised Park for her anti-popular misrule, vicious acts of confrontation with the fellow countrymen and disgraceful pro-US and pro-Japanese acts and he was denounced as an “oil eel” for his frequent betrayal and treachery for his power and personal glory, “a transparent man” who has done nothing special for 10 years as UN secretary general and “an American spy” who pays excessive attention to pleasing the US, thereby his reputation is nosediving.
The last-ditch attempt of the Saenuri, which is branded as an accomplice of Park Geun Hye, to remain in power is as good as wriggling in the swamp.
By Kim Rye Yong PT

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