Human rights abuses in s. Korea disclosed

Date: 28/12/2016 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The DPRK Association for Protection of Human Rights in South Korea released a report on human rights abuses in south Korea on December 23 to disclose the innumerable human rights violations committed under the Park Geun Hye regime in 2016.
The following are excerpts from it:
The Park clique that takes no account of international law, ethics and morality abducted over 10 DPRK women citizens from a foreign country to south Korea on April 5 and forced defection on them.
On July 8, they adopted a pro-US and traitorous decision on the deployment of the US’ THAAD system to “provide against the north’s threat”, which will only lead to the destruction of the cradle of south Koreans.
Their corruption and incompetence have crippled the south Korean economy and deteriorated the people's livelihood. So the number of south Koreans who renounced their nationality and went to foreign countries reached more than 25 300 between January and July this year, the highest record in recent ten years.
Police directly fired water cannon mixed with poisonous tear gas to an old peasant, who had taken part in an anti-government protest action in November last year, leaving him in a critical condition. He had been in a coma for over 300 days and died on September 25.
Big businesses bent on moneymaking put on massive sale germicide containing chemical for humidifier, which turned out to be toxic and caused huge casualties.
The authorities have blacklisted 9 473 progressive literary persons and persecuted them by fair means or foul.
Child abuses reported in the first half of this year increased 54 percent over the same period of last year, and the number of those who were arrested on charges of family violence in the period grew 27.8 percent. In recent years, 197 children under 12 were murdered.
In the army, engineer’s spade, cutting pliers, pick, hammer and other tools are misused as a means of violence. Seniors apply unimaginable outrageous methods of inflicting electric shock, of stripping juniors naked and sexually humiliating them and of threatening with a sword. According to watered-down information released by the military, violence, abusive remarks and cruel act numbered 3 846 between 2012 and June 30 this year, whereas those who were punished numbered only 55.
The authorities made a humiliating deal with Japan late last year to nullify the crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Japanese imperial army, and fabricated a so-called “reconciliation and recovery foundation” on July 28 to get some money from Japan. And they cut down the total budget allocated to ensure the documents related to the sexual slavery are listed on the UNESCO’s Memory of the World programme, asserting that the UNESCO programme is up to civilians.
Steeped in extreme hostility against the DPRK, they cooked up a north Korean human rights law in March this year, and the unification, justice and foreign ministries held inaugural ceremonies of the “north Korean human rights record centre” and the “north Korean human rights archive” as well as an event of appointing the “north Korean human rights cooperation ambassador”. They held a series of confabs on the enforcement of the “north Korean human rights law” in Seoul with the special envoy of the US Department of State for north Korean human rights affairs, US ambassador to the UN and other anti-DPRK human rights plotters and sent the new ambassador to different countries to beg for their support in enforcing the draconian law.
The hideous human rights abuses committed under the Park Geun Hye regime in 2016 will be recorded in history as the most vicious.

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