Dictator’s doom unavoidable

Date: 31/12/2016 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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It has been 44 years since the Yushin constitution was adopted in south Korea.
In 1969 Yushin dictator Park Chung Hee was so obsessed with an ambition to remain in office permanently that he revised the constitution which prevented him from serving three consecutive presidential terms, and in 1972 concocted the Yushin constitution to establish his one-man dictatorship.
Through the constitution Park Chung Hee seized all power including jurisdiction and the right to dissolve “national assembly” as well as administrative power by ignoring even the principle of the division of three powers which had existed merely in form and excluded “president” even from the target of non confidence vote in the national assembly.
It also stipulated that the president would be elected in a national council comprising his stooges, increased the previous 4-year term of president to 6 years and removed the limit of tenure as president so that he could remain as lifelong president.
As a result, even democratic struggle for the life of the working masses became targets of brutal oppression as well as any political thinking and action against his dictatorship and the underground cells of the south Korean Central Intelligence Agency and other prisons were packed with prisoners and medieval tortures perpetrated there.
Such practices have been repeated by his daughter Park Geun Hye until today even after over four decades.
From the beginning of her tenure, she purged anti-government forces and political oppositions without mercy.
She forcibly disbanded the United Progressive Party which had seats in the national assembly, labelling it as a “north-following political party” and outlawed the National Teachers’ Trade Union (Jongyojo), civil servant’s trade union and Jaju Minbo newspaper. And peaceful anti-government demonstrations have become target of police crackdown.
Even her close associates are mercilessly chastised if they are against her.
Park Geun Hye’s vicious dictatorship, which can be found nowhere else in the international political arena, generated the gargantuan Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal shaking the world.
Exorcist Choe Sun Sil made a puppet of Park Geun Hye and manipulated state governance, toying with the whole of south Korea including the Blue House, inter-Korean relationship and diplomacy.
It is the inevitability of history that Park Geun Hye is severely punished by the public like her father Park Chung Hee who had suffered a miserable end after making and wielding the Yushin constitution.

By Kim Rye Yong PT

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