Eight scenic wonders of Sobaeksu Valley, eternal treasure of the nation

Date: 04/02/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The Korean people have boasted famous natural scenes in their localities by grouping them by three, eight, and ten.
Among them are the “10 famous scenes in Hwachon”, meaning the superb scenery at Mangyongdae where President Kim Il Sung was born, and the “eight famous scenes in Hoeryong”, birthplace of anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk.
The Korean people have newly designated the wonderful scenes in the Sobaeksu Valley, where the log cabin of the Paektusan Secret Camp, birthplace of Chairman Kim Jong Il, is located, as the “eight famous scenes in the Sobaeksu Valley”.
The Pyongyang Times carries the newly designated scenes in a series of articles.
“Most sublime Jongil Peak”
The number one superb view in the Sobaeksu Valley is Jongil Peak which stands high, shrouded in clouds, demonstrating the spirit of Mt Paektu.
Like most of the world-renowned mountains and peaks, Jongil Peak also presents an enchanting view with imposing looks and exquisite natural beauty.
It stands out in scenery in all four seasons.
Summer is short here due to the natural and geographical characters, but the sunlight filtering through the green forests creates a sharp contrast to the shade reminding viewers of a gorgeous stage under the spotlights and the twitter of birds in tranquility makes them feel the freshness and mystery of nature in good harmony with the oozing sound of the Sobaek Stream that flows down from Lake Chon meandering round Jongil Peak.
The spectacular and mysterious views of Jongil Peak are fully displayed in winter peculiar to Mount Paektu.
On top of the peak one can command a view of the vast stretches of snow-capped sea of forests. More admirable is the scene of the fierce snowstorm calming down in an instant at the ridge and cliff.
Originally, it was called Jangsu Peak.
In August 1988 the President visited the Paektusan Secret Camp. Looking up at the peak rising high behind the log cabin, birthplace of the Chairman, he renamed it Jongil Peak, meaning it is the birthplace of Chairman Kim Jong Il.
“Snowscape of the Native House”
The snowscape of the log cabin in the Paektusan Secret Camp is the second scenic wonder in the Sobaeksu Valley, which presents enchanting scenery in the primitive forest.
It is small and simple, nestling in the green forest of snow-covered spruces and Abies nephrolepis standing in the snowstorm against the backdrop of a soaring, steep cliff of Jongil Peak.
But when you see the neat log cabin, its small yard and a spring welling up all the year round near it in the natural wonder, you cannot but be overcome by a feeling of solemnity.
In this small log cabin in a natural fortress Chairman Kim Jong Il was born on February 16 1942.
By Han Ryo Gyong PT

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