U.S. "Anti-terrorism War" Denounced by KCNA

Date: 20/03/2017 | Source: KCNA.kp (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- Ten-odd years have passed since the U.S. started the "war on terrorism" worldwide under the pretext of "retaliating against Sept. 11 incident," styling itself a "guardian of justice."

The Korean Central News Agency released an indictment in this regard on March 19.

The "anti-terrorism war" of the U.S. is state-sponsored terrorism and a new version of war of aggression against the anti-U.S. countries for realizing the imperialists' ambition for world domination, the indictment said, adding:

The U.S. has wantonly infringed upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries while escalating the "anti-terrorism war" worldwide.

It is the strategy and purpose of the U.S. "war on terrorism" to train terrorists and steadily spread terrorism on one hand and perpetrate military intervention in sovereign states under the signboard of "combating terrorism" on the other and, furthermore, carry out their scenario for world domination.

The U.S. forces, which were deployed mainly in Europe during the Cold War era, are being reorganized, centering around Asia in the new century.

The U.S. is trebling and quadrupling the sanctions against the DPRK and escalating the danger of a nuclear war, labeling it "proliferator of weapons of mass destruction" and "rogue state," etc. though it has nothing to do with terrorism.

All facts go to clearly prove that the U.S. "anti-terrorism war" is a new form of brutal war of aggression for bringing down the anti-U.S. independent countries and realizing its ambition for world domination.

Noting that the ''anti-terrorism war" of the U.S. brought to light its true colors as the worst human rights abuser and the world's biggest anti- human rights country, the indictment further said:

Left in Afghanistan and Iraq for more than decade are marks of cruel genocide and human rights abuses committed by U.S. troops, the brutes engrossed in murder and plunder.

The U.S. is the only country which approved the operation of secret prisons like Nazis' concentration camps not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but different parts of the world for putting inmates to medieval torture.

The U.S. authorities patronized and backed U.S. troops' maltreatment and torture of prisoners, underscoring the need to torture prisoners in order to force "terrorists" to divulge secrets.

The U.S. military operation on "terrorism" by use of drones is an operation of man-killing in breach of international law and the principle of humanitarianism.

The U.S. has deployed thousands of latest drones equipped with missiles and satellite guide-system in the Middle East and their controllers are conducting air-raids by drones at the operation base in the mainland far away from battle fields.

The U.S. "war on terrorism" is an extra-large crime against humanity that spawned the worst refugee problem by causing ceaseless terrorism, vicious cycle of revenges and blood-stained armed conflict.

The crime-woven history of the U.S. "anti-terrorism war" can never be forgotten no matter how much water may flow under the bridge as it has inflicted horrible deaths, pain and misfortunes upon humankind, the indictment stressed. -0-

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