Is Russia Sightless or Is It Mimicking Blind: Researcher of Institute for International Studies

Date: 10/08/2017 | Source: (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- Ri Chol Ho, a researcher of the Institute for International Studies of the DPRK, on Wednesday issued the following article titled "Is Russia Sightless or Is It Mimicking the Blind":

The news of the successful launch of inter-continental ballistic rockets of the DPRK, which put the whole land of the U.S., empire of evil, within its striking range, has been afloat all over the world as breaking news.

The U.S., an aggression state which brandished a nuclear stick of aggression and oppression decade after decade, has finally been dumbfounded in the face of the Juche weapon, and the whole world now turn its eyes to Songun Korea with admiration.

The international community was unanimous in commenting in high terms that the fact that the DPRK's ICBM reached the maximum height of more than 3 700 km and flew nearly 1 000 km and that the launch was made at high angle launch system more rigorous than actual maximum range flight conditions is demonstrative of the substantial might which is capable of putting even the eastern areas of the U.S. including New York, to say nothing of the western areas of the U.S., within the firing range.

The DPRK's ICBM, a noble fruition of its great policy of simultaneously developing the economic construction and the building of nuclear force, is clearly recorded in space as a pronoun of defence of international justice and peace, both in name and reality.

But only Russia is making a far-fetched assertion, denying this stark fact unanimously acknowledged by the world community, while feigning blind and deaf.

Russia, a country bordering the Korean peninsula, is calling the DPRK's ICBM a medium-range ballistic rocket with 681 km of height and 732 km of distance. This is utterly ironical.

The U.S., situated in the American continent across the ocean, dares not deny the fact even though it is reluctant more than others to acknowledge the DPRK's success in the ICBM launch. A big question is how come the ICBM of the DPRK is taken as medium-range ballistic rocket by Russia, a country very close to the DPRK.

Another question is that Russia, which will be grouchy if it is ranked second in military standings, is making desperate efforts to make its far-fetched assertions sound plausible while misusing even the name of the Defence Ministry.

The world people are watching the erratic act of Russia with surprise as its authorities and the public have differing stand over the launch. Lots of military experts, media and social circles of Russia are unanimously acknowledging the launch as ICBM launch but this is denied only by the authorities.

What is skeptical is that whether Russia's virtual concept on object is not ruled by its perversity and jealousy that big country's rifle should be regarded as a rocket and small country's rocket should be taken as a rifle.

For years, Russia took outwardly strong stand toward the U.S., as it used to say that "sanctions resolutions" against the DPRK should not affect the normal economic and trade activities of the DPRK and its people's living at a time when the issue was on agenda at UN even though Russia was subject to trouble as a key target of sanctions and pressure by the U.S. Therefore, the world has been skeptical about its assertion of calling the ICBM a medium-range ballistic rocket. However, Russia, which had showed bravery as if it was going to hinder the adoption of the "resolution sanctions" on the DPRK, boarded the ship operated by the U.S. all of a sudden to be "complimented" by Trump. This is quite enough for the world to guess what was the true aim sought by Russia in insisting that the ICBM of the DPRK was a medium-range ballistic rocket.

The far-fetched assertion of Russia has become an engine that heartened the DPRK to work for more launches of ICBM and compelled it to take new measures of action.

It will be clear to Russia itself whether it is really the blind or is feigning the blind.

If Russia does not drop its own "big power concept" which it values so much, the reality in which it is not treated as a big power even though it is a big power will be its permanent destiny. -0-

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