US following ends up in an abyss of destruction

Date: 25/10/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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It is the south Korean ruler who appreciated Trump’s rhetoric about the “total destruction” of the DPRK which triggered off a firestorm of criticism worldwide, and it is also him who begged the US to send its strategic assets to the Korean peninsula and said pressure proves to be effective and it is time to cooperate with the US after a squadron of its nuclear bombers flew into the airspace of south Korea.
The south Korean authorities have incited Trump to brandish the rotten sanctions stick against the DPRK, claiming that “it is needed to deal a body blow to north Korea by ensuring a full implementation of the UN’s sanctions resolutions”, “it is important to put pressure on the regime to change its course” and “it is time to impose utmost pressure and sanctions on it”.
Coming out of the US political establishment are such remarks as “God knows what Trump will do stricken with anger controlling disorder and upset with the slump in his approval ratings and he may unleash the third world war”, “it is needed to take the nuclear suitcase from him”, and “Congress should work out a bill on restricting the president’s authority so that he cannot issue an order of nuclear strike.” His lieutenants are competitively falling out with him. Such being the case, only the south Korean authorities are blowing the wind to his sails.
It is probably not too much that they are called a “poodle of Trump”.
Many say that whenever Trump uses tough language against the Korean peninsula a fist comes from north Korea while money comes from south Korea.
What south Korea has gained from its kowtowing to the US is only heavy damage, loss, contempt and cold shoulder.
The current authorities are growing nervous with the syndrome of “south Korea’s alienation”, saying that there is no room for them to stand between north Korea and the US and between neighbouring powers and they find it hard to make their voice heard.
Such a situation is quite natural, given that they have no policies or principles of their own, blindly following whatever their master does—be it war moves or sanctions and pressure—and they are no more than a parasite of the US, a tool it uses at its discretion in East Asia, and a gun dog destined to be useless after hunting.
The south Korean chief executive complained that “what makes us feel badly regrettable is that we are actually unable to resolve the Korean peninsula issue that is the most critical for us and we have no capability to nail down an agreement either” and “we are in no position to take active action over the current security crisis.”
It is pointless only to regret but it is needed to reflect on the source of troubles.
It is now high time that the south Korean authorities sought a new mode of existence for the sake of their security and interests—at a crossroads of whether to follow the US or pursue national independence.
They should weigh up what is in their core interests and what is their least desired thing in such a critical situation. And they should think twice if it will be right in terms of geopolitical and physiological terms to rely on the US, an ocean apart, while keeping hostile towards the fellow countrymen.
The lunatic Trump is plunging the whole of the US into an abyss of destruction while the miserable south Korean authorities are blindly following him to death.
It is no use crying over spilt milk.
This is an abridgment of a comment “” carried on October 20 by Rodong Simun, organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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