DPRK warns US to refrain from rash acts

Date: 27/01/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The US is pouring cold water on north-south relations which move towards détente.
American politicians slander the DPRK’s policy for improved inter-Korean relations, describing it as a “tactic of opening to south Korea and shutting out the US” and an “act driving a wedge” between them, while the US concentrates its huge armed forces around the Korean peninsula.
As is known, the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Japan and another Carl Vinson nuclear-powered carrier strike group in the San Diego naval base are now on their way to the waters off the peninsula and the carrier USS Stennis is also said to be dispatched to the West Pacific.
Russian newspaper Rossiskaya Gazeta on January 8 said the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group left for the West Pacific last week and would stay around the Korean peninsula during the whole period of the Winter Olympics in south Korea.
According to The Japan Times and other foreign media outlets, a US landing ship also arrived at the US naval base in Iwakuni, Yokosuka, to ship F-35B carrier-borne planes, and six B-52 strategic bombers of the US were deployed in Guam and several B-1B strategic bombers in the Anderson airbase.
In this context The Stars and Stripes, newspaper of the US Department of Defense, on January 12 said the spokesman for the global strike command of the US Air Force which controls ICBMs and long-range bombers announced that it would test-fire intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman 3 two times in February.
It is clear that such military moves of the US are a malicious act to put a damper on improving inter-Korean relations.
The US, as in the past, does not want détente and eased tension in the Korean peninsula as it pursues the strategy for achieving hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region.
The US remains unchanged in its intention to keep US forces’ presence in south Korea for long on the pretext of the worsening peninsula situation and realize the strategy for domination of Asia with south Korea as the springboard.
The Wall Street Journal recently reported that US officials discuss limited military strike against the DPRK’s nuclear facilities behind closed doors, which clearly shows once again that the US is a robber that does not hesitate to do anything in order to seek its own interests.
But the US should keep in mind the DPRK is a strategic state which has the whole of the US mainland within the range of its nuclear strike.
As evidenced by the fact that it has turned inter-Korean relationship which was in a crisis of nuclear war a month ago into that of reconciliation and cooperation, the trend of the Korean peninsula situation is surely led by the DPRK.
If the US is too stupid to see it and has recourse to the force of arms, it will earn nothing but a shameful defeat and self-ruin.

By Kim Rye Yong PT

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