Pond Smelts Raised in the Lake Chon

Date: 07/12/2018 | Source: Rodong Sinmun (En) | Read original version at source

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While exploring the Ragwon spa and its vicinity a little way off the Lake Chon atop Mt Paektu, the members of the general exploration squad for the Lake Chon atop Mt Paektu discovered pond smelts in the lake about 11 am on July 23.

They caught more than 100 pond smelts 9~12cm in length in the lake with much effort. They had already put them into it for breeding purposes last year. They finally confirmed that the fish lived there in actuality.

The squad worked hard for several years to get spawns from seed pond smelts at every spawning season and hatch them and growalevins in the lake. But they met with one failure after another because the temperature of its water is too low.

The squad learned lessons from this and decided to give up growing pond smelts from spawns in the lake. They caught them in the Samsu Lake for experiment’s sake.

The squad put 2,000-odd pond smelts into the lake atop Mt Paektu, and to this end, acclimated more than 500 others to cold water in experimental ponds and apentagonal net house for a fortnight or so.

The squad proved positively that pond smelts lived in the lake a year after.

The water of the lake is not only clear and clean but also contains more mineral matter than common water as well as almost all necessary microelements.

Fishes are expected to steadily increase in quantity in the lake in the future because it abounds in feed.

Kim Chong Il

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