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Date: 07/12/2018 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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The Mokran Kwangmyong Company, situated in Kallimgil-dong No. 2, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, was established in 1992 as a producer and distributor of audio materials and videos.

Its multimedia encompasses a wide range of materials and is rich in content, and therefore it remains popular with people in their cultural and leisure activities. It deals with such art works as film, drama, opera and music, science and technology, sports, general knowledge and the like.

The company conducts diverse business activities as it strives to perfect the technology-intensive business structure based on talents and rich information resources in line with the requirements of the age of the knowledge economy.

It has the manufacturers of multimedia, devices using renewables, electrical and electronic appliances and equipment and other units, and their researchers are in their 20s on the average.

Its production lines are equipped with a strict quality control system and are dust-free with constant temperature and humidity conditions. And all employees are intellectual workers who take an active part not only in production activities but also in the development, designing and manufacture of new products.

The products of the company are diverse in kind.

They include amusement machines combining mechanical and electronic techniques and computer programs, 4D simulation films, media players, watt-hour meters, solar panels and inverters.

The building of the company is covered with solar panels to generate electricity. It offers technical assistance to many establishments at home in building the system parallel solar power station.

Without resting on their laurels, all employees of the company work hard to develop and manufacture new products for people’s cultural and leisure activities.

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