KCNA Commentary Condemns Australia for Going against Trend of Peace

Date: 16/12/2018 | Source: DPRK Today (English) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA) -- Of late, Australia decided to dispatch a sea-patrol plane to the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula under the pretext of keeping a close watch on the DPRK's violation of "sanctions resolution."

The minister of Defense of Australia said that Australia would maintain the pressure upon north Korea until the latter takes measures for CVID, noting that the recent step is aimed at blocking the evasion of sanctions and illegal dealings of north Korea and organizations involved.

This cannot but be called into question as it is a very unreasonable act of going against the trend of peace created on the Korean peninsula and the region.

Thanks to the DPRK's proactive measures, a good atmosphere has pervaded the Korean peninsula this year in line with the aspiration and desire of humankind for peace and stability.

Now the neighboring countries and many other countries actively support the hard-won trend of d├ętente, hoping this trend would be lasting and durable.

It is evidence of positive acts to further develop the trend of the situation that voices calling for detente or lift of sanctions on the DPRK rang out at the recent G-20 summit.

But Australia, contrary to the efforts of the international community, is chilling the peaceful atmosphere created on the Korean peninsula and the region regardless of the time.

It dispatched a P-8A Poseidon patrol plane and two AP-3C patrol planes to Japan in April and September. It was for the purpose of watching the sea-borne trade of the DPRK's vessels.

In October it took the lead in committing acts against the DPRK by dispatching a guided-missile cruiser to the waters off the Korean peninsula while talking about "economic and diplomatic pressure on north Korea".

If it seeks to get its status acknowledged by infringing upon the sovereignty of an independent country in the region of weighty significance in preserving peace and security of the world, it would be little short of pricking its own eyes with its own fingers.

The authorities of Australia should not forget the bitter lesson of history which they were taught in Korea for kowtowing to the U.S. in the 1950s.

Is it reasonable for the Australian regime to think about the status and influence it is keen to secure, as it falls into contempt not only by other countries but also its own people for going against the trend of the times without its own principle?

Australia had better use reason, instead of becoming modern-day Don Quixote for blindly kowtowing to the U.S. line.

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