We Serve the People

Date: 18/02/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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Chairman Kim Jong Il put forward the slogan “We serve the people” for the Workers’ Party of Korea long ago, and led the entire Party and all the officials to become true servants of the people.

When the ruling parties of some socialist countries were forfeiting their revolutionary and people-oriented character by lording it over the masses, the WPK, under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il, invariably held fast to its political ideal, people-centred revolutionary philosophy.

On a New Year’s Day Kim Jong Il said to officials: The motive force of the revolution and construction is, to all intents and purposes, the masses of the people; they have inexhaustible strength and wisdom; our Party is a party that serves the people, and all its lines and policies should be geared to satisfying their interests.

Along with the imperishable exploits of Kim Jong Il, who, by cherishing the noble intention that he would pluck the stars from the sky and bring flowers into bloom even a rock if it was wished by the people, developed Korea’s socialism into people-centred socialism, the slogan “We serve the people” will shine for ever.

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