Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Sends Letter to Participants in Second National Conference of Party Primary Information Workers

Date: 09/03/2019 | Source: (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, March 9 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a letter "Let Us Double the Motive Force of Our Revolution through Fresh Information and Motivation Work" to the participants in the Second National Conference of Primary Information Workers of the Party on Wednesday.

Kim Jong Un said in the letter that the Workers' Party of Korea convened the conference in order to radically improve the information and motivation work in response to the immediate revolutionary task of laying firm groundwork for a powerful socialist country and to the elated spirit of the Korean people and in an attempt to appeal to the primary information workers, who play an important role in that work, to turn out in a new struggle.

It is the mass education system and method of mass work unique to the Party to ensure that information workers and agitators are in all the places where the masses are and see to it that one person trains and leads ten others and ten people a hundred by enhancing their role, he pointed out.

Noting that the ideological work is the core of the important cores of the Party's work, he said that always consistent is the work method of the Party that resolves all issues and accelerates the advance of revolution by dint of ideology and information and motivation work

The intention of the Party Central Committee is to bring about a new upswing on all fronts of socialist construction by seeing to it that the primary information workers of the Party all over the country turn out as one and more loudly beat the drum of revolution with the conference as an occasion, he stressed.

He said that the primary information workers of the Party should be well versed in the important tasks faced by the field of the Party ideological work at present in order to fulfill their honorable mission in a responsible way.

What is the most important task in the Party's ideological work is to concentrate all efforts on firmly consolidating the revolutionary position and class position, he pointed out.

The major task in the ideological education for consolidating the revolutionary position and class position is to effectively provide the essential five-point education including the education in the greatness of the great leaders, he stressed.

He said that the education in Kim Jong Il's patriotism should be provided on the basis of actual life.

Abstract propagandas should be warned against in upholding the principle of the state first, the patriotic banner of the times, he noted.

All members of society should thoroughly arm themselves with the faith in socialism and class consciousness in order to give fuller play to the advantages of socialism in all aspects, he said.

He said that the DPRK's revolutionary position, class position precisely means the socialist large family cemented by excellent morality and tender feelings.

Efforts should be put into the education work for establishing a moral discipline throughout society to meet the high requirements of the building of a powerful socialist nation, so as to ensure that everyone helps and cares for each other and lives a civilized life, he said.

The Supreme Leader stressed the need to concentrate all efforts of information and motivation on accelerating socialist economic construction.

Noting that it is necessary to launch fresh information offensive for making the Korean people further display their might in the spirit of self-reliance, he said that the political information should correctly imbue the popular masses with the line and policies of the Party on further cementing the foundation of self-reliant economy with national self-existence as the groundwork of the revolution, and with their vitality and rosy future.

He said that it is necessary to conduct positive information and motivation activities for propelling the development of science and technology and making all the people well versed in science and technology and to launch a vigorous information and motivation offensive to encourage the masses to conduct a drive for increased production and creation.

It is an urgent task arising in the ideological work at present to overcome formalism and conduct information and motivation activities in a fresh and militant way, he pointed out.

The Supreme Leader said that the Party Central Committee puts forward a militant slogan "Let us double the motive force of our revolution through fresh information and motivation work!" before the field of ideological work in reflection of the important tasks to be carried out in information and motivation work.

Saying that the position and role of the primary information workers are very important in doubling the motive force of our revolution through the improvement and development of the ideological work of the Party, he stressed that the primary information workers are the contemporary political operatives who carry forward the tradition of the anti-Japanese guerillas' political work with the masses, and close friends and pillars of the collectives who are regarded as their model by the masses and whom they depend on.

He said that the Party Central Committee appeals to all the primary information workers across the country to become contemporary red information workers and agitators and thus make the people patriotic workers and turn their units into a group of patriots advancing in unity.

The Supreme Leader said that the primary information workers of the Party should energetically and actively do their work with the masses with warm humane feelings, holding aloft the slogan "Let us turn all units into patriotic ones that advance in unity!"

He continued:

The primary information workers should intensively do their work and become enthusiastic workers who work hard without fatigue until they bring the Party's policies home to the people and turn their units into those desired by the Party.

They should study their work as much as full-time officials.

Information workers and agitators should rid themselves of cut-and-dried manner in their work and creatively conduct education by positive influence.

They should do their work with warm tenderness, consistent in speech and action, setting practical examples.

They should work hard to improve their qualifications.

Kim Jong Un said that the Party Central Committee requires all the Party organizations to be the spiritual mainstay and parent's home which the primary information workers are able to depend on and call at anytime.

He stressed that if all the primary information workers make their units groups of patriots advancing in unity by conducting activities with redoubled efforts, our revolutionary position will significantly be strengthened and a great progress will be made in socialist economic construction.

Kim Jong Un called for working hard to bring earlier the prosperity of our great state and happy future of the people by dint of ideology, the most powerful weapon of the Korean revolution. -0-

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